Reimo Roofs

For the last 35 years Reimo have been pioneers in the development of elevating, pop top roofs and hightop roofs for the small panel van market, specialising in the VW T5 & T6 elevating, pop top roofs and having established themselves as one of Europe’s leading campervan elevating roof manufacturers. Constructed from the highest grade materials, Reimo campervan roofs have been proven to last the tests of time, meaning that fitting a Reimo elevating roof or hightop roof to your vehicle is a decision that you won’t regret.

Reimo Campervan Roofs


Tried and Tested

Roof Strength Test 1989

All of the roofs manufactured by Reimo have passed the strict German TUV testing and meet the latest EU regulations. These standards encompass the all of the different components from the strengthening frame to the hinges, gas struts and tenting material to ensure that the installation of a Reimo elevating or hightop roof doesn’t detract from the integrity and safety of the base vehicle.


Elevating Roof Construction

With over 35 years of research and development Reimo elevating roofs are the highest quality elevating roofs available. Many companies have copied Reimo’s elevating roofs over the years but none have come close to matching the quality, strength and longevity that Reimo elevating roofs are renowned for. The strength and stability of the roofs come from a double skin GRP/fiberglass roof shell construction with a special aviation grade strengthening and insulation foam inner core. The insulation properties of the elevating roofs is increased further by the use of an ISO velour internal lining material.

For piece of mind all the materials, including the tenting material, used in the construction of Reimo roofs meet the strict automotive industry fire retardancy safety standards.

Roof Construction
Reimo Elevating Roof Construction
  1. Gel Coat
  2. Fibreglass Shell
  3. Laminated Inner Frame
  4. Insulation & Reinforcement Material
  5. Fibreglass Topcoat
  6. Inner Lining Velour