HemBil Campers

HemBil – A new name in innovation and quality

HemBil, inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design (the loose translation of HemBil is ‘Home car’). The Scandinavian design philosophy is characterised by functionality, simplicity and clean lines, resulting in a campervan range that’s practical and stylish.

The Range;

All models in the HemBil campervan range feature five x 3-point belted travel seats, so they are perfect for anyone who uses their campervan as a daily driver.  In fact, the HemBil Dune will accommodate a further two passenger seats, making it a seven-seater.  The HemBil Escape has a side kitchen layout and is available on the VW T6.1, Ford Transit Custom or Renault Escape, to suit a range of budgets.  Meanwhile, the VW T6.1 Urban and Drift offer something a little different, as the HemBil Urban features a removable kitchen unit which can also be used outside, while the HemBil Drift has a second sliding door and a swing-out kitchen unit.

In keeping with our longstanding company values of quality, reliability and safety our new HemBil range of campervans has been designed to be practical, simple, functional and most importantly meet the demands of a modern day campervan and everyday vehicle.