HemBil Campers

HemBil Campers – A new name in innovation and quality

HemBil, inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design (the loose translation of HemBil is ‘Home car’). The Scandinavian design philosophy is characterised by functionality, simplicity and clean lines and according to these design principles ‘one should be in harmony with his/her environment and things should be made to last rather than be replaced’.

Born out of the desire to create something different and challenge the norm, our HemBil campervan range has been designed and built using all our 30 years of experience, skill and know how.

In keeping with our longstanding company values of quality, reliability and safety our new HemBil range of campervans has been designed to be practical, simple, functional and most importantly meet the demands of a modern day campervan and everyday vehicle.