Innovation and Technology

Reimo Seating & Bed Solutions

Built on the original success of the Variotech ‘Classic’ seat the Variotech ‘333’ seat combines incredible flexibility, which allows your Reimo campervan to be much more than just a vehicle for your holidays, with the comfort a safety that allows piece of mind and the whole family to enjoy the adventures that lay ahead.

Reimo Roofs

For the last 30 years Reimo have been pioneers in the development of elevating and hightop roofs for the small Motorhome market and have established themselves as Europe’s leading manufacturer. Constructed from the highest grade materials Reimo campervan roofs have been proven to last the tests of time.

REIMO Van Concept

Reimo developed a special process called “Solid Art” for the construction of their furniture units. Solid Art uses computer controlled machining for precision cutting and the campervan furniture units are assembled using interlocking joints to give extra strength and stability to the finished product. Reimo’s campervan furniture has been proven to withstand the toughest tests